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Website Design

My approach to website design is simple:

  1. Keep the design clean and don't get caught up in all the splashy techno stuff that can be put on a website. Too many sites use things like Flash just because they can and not because it's necessary. Things like this don't help with your search engine ranking but they can hurt it so stay away from all the extras.

  2. Make the design easy to navigate so that your prospective customer/client can find exactly what they are looking for in matter of seconds not minutes or hours. People will give up looking for what they are trying to find if they can find it quickly.

  3. I make the new website affordable and don't get outrageous with the costs. I'm trying to build long term relationships with my clients. Not going in for the quick kill is the best way to do that. I give them what they want and need and I don't throw everything into it including the kitchen sink by adding on tons of unnecessary extras. That way they'll keep coming back when they need something and they will be happy to refer me to my next happy client.

Website Design Costs

This is a tough one. Because each design is unique, the price for each website is also unique but I'll give you the cost for a Basic site so you can get an idea what the charges would look like:

Basic Website Features
  • A website with up to 6 pages using a standard layout including your provided information. Your site will not be designed from a template. Each site is custom designed based on your individual needs.

  • Your site can have a basic contact form page enabling your customers to reach you by e-mail.

  • Adding in your own (electronically supplied) text and photos. If you need help with copy and pictures, I can help get that done for you (additional charges apply).

  • Search Engine Optimization. I can optimize your pages with Keywords and descriptions for the search engines and then submit the site to the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing)

Additional items that are available include:

  • Additional pages

  • Customer Survey / Questionnaire forms

  • Online image gallery

  • Embedded video - these make Great introductions for customers

  • Flash animation

  • Online storefront

  • Blog creation and setup

  • Monthly maintenance package (to keep your content fresh)

  • Search engine monitoring and additional optimization

These items will be quoted upon request. Please Contact me today. Also, if you didn't see something on the list...PLEASE ask.

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